An Invitation to Writers' Witness:
A Summer Accountability Group for Writers

Writers' Witness

Dates: Thursdays, July 4 - September 5
Time: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm CDT
Platform: Zoom
Price: $79 for the summer session

“You wanna write, but feel intimidated or stuck?
I really recommend this!” E.W.

Unlock Your Creative Potential Through Journaling

Are you ready to develop your writing voice and commit to a regular journaling practice? Join us for Writers’ Witness, a unique summer accountability group designed to nurture your creativity, encourage courageous sharing, and foster a supportive writing community.


What others say...

“To witness or ‘to be heard’ is a fundamental act one can do for another. Heidi Hunter provides a safe, supportive space for me to feel secure enough to allow those words that are held within, to be openly expressed and shared.” R.M.

” I have been so inspired and delighted by hearing others’ stories — and have felt supported by others as they listen to mine at the end of our writing time. I am so grateful for this summertime fun! ” C.W.

“A very useful space to pursue personal reflection and/or
adventuring out-of-the box.” J.T.

What to Expect at our Weekly Sessions

Every Thursday evening, we gather on Zoom for an hour of dedicated writing time and supportive interaction.

Each session includes:

Warm Welcome and Check-In: Begin with a brief check-in to connect with fellow writers.

Optional Writing Prompt: Receive an optional prompt to spark your creativity and get the words flowing.

Focused Writing Time: Spend 40-45 minutes writing in a quiet, focused environment.

Breakout Rooms (Optional): Share your work with 2-3 peers. Sharing is entirely voluntary and non-judgmental. There are specific guidelines to the feedback we offer in the Breakout Rooms.  It’s more about listening and holding space for the reader.

Group Reflection: Come together for a few minutes to reflect on the session and share final thoughts.

“Heidi inspires me to be better.
To try. To take time for self.” 

Overcome Common Writing Challenges

Afraid to Write?
Many people feel a strong desire to write but are held back by fear. Writers’ Witness provides a supportive environment to help you overcome these fears and start putting words on the page.

Struggling with Your Inner Critic?
The inner critic can be relentless, constantly telling you that your work isn’t good enough. Our group focuses on positive, but minimal feedback, helping you find ways to quiet that critical voice and embrace your creativity.

Lack of Accountability?
Writing can be a solitary activity, making it easy to procrastinate. Writers’ Witness offers a structured environment and a community of like-minded individuals to help you stay motivated and accountable.

Need for Supportive Feedback?
Many writers crave feedback but fear harsh criticism. In our breakout rooms, we offer “Chef’s kisses”—short, positive feedback highlighting specific words or phrases that stood out, ensuring a safe and encouraging space for everyone.

Feeling Isolated?
Writing alone can feel isolating. Join a community where you can connect with others who understand your struggles and passions, providing mutual support and inspiration.

Seeking Structure?
Struggling to maintain a regular writing practice? Our weekly sessions provide the structure and discipline you need to stay focused and productive.

Lack of Inspiration?
Feeling stuck or uninspired? Our optional writing prompts and creative exercises will help spark your imagination and keep your ideas flowing.

“In my experience, Heidi is a motivational writing guide. Her classes help me ‘get and stay’ connected to my writing page. Sharing our writings in the Breakout Rooms each class helps me build my ‘writing’ confidence. Thank you Heidi for putting yourself out there for us.”  – E.H.

Join Us

Writers’ Witness is open to anyone seeking to develop their writing voice through journaling. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting, this group offers a nurturing and inspiring environment to explore your creativity.

Secure your spot in Writers’ Witness for just $79 for the entire summer session. Click the link below to sign up and embark on a transformative writing journey with us.

Online Classes are now accessed through

THE WELL with Heidi Hunter

Online Classes are now accessed through

THE WELL with Heidi Hunter

About Heidi Hunter

Heidi Hunter self portrait

Heidi Hunter is an artist and a creative flow practitioner at Until Now – The Art of Flow.  She has kept a personal journal for over 30 years and it is her go-to place when she feels “stuck”.  She has taught journalling, creative writing, and art journaling to high school students and adults for over 20 years.

She works out of her Runs with Scissors Studio and is now flowing into a new part of her life as a personal coach, Block Therapy™ instructor/therapist and somatic facilitator.

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Connect with fellow wanderers, share your work, and be inspired by the wealth of talent in our growing community.

Let’s make something out of nothing, find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and practice showing up for a creative journey where process is always celebrated over product.

Not quite ready?
You can start by joining our private Well Facebook Group.
(To create a safe creative space, you be required to answer some membership questions.)

Not quite ready?
You can start by joining our Well Facebook Group
To create a safe creative space, you be required to answer some brief membership questions.