Showing Up Sundays
7 pm CST

Some call it “Cave Night”, “Art Church”, “Silent Sundays”

Creative ccountability has never been easier… and surprisingly fun.

Join a dedicated community of artists, writers, and creatives every Sunday night on Zoom, where participants engage in focused creative self-care, from sketching to writing, cleaning the studio, practicing piano, quilting, and more. 

With a proven formula for success, each session begins with setting intentions, followed by a distraction-free hour of creative immersion. We embrace the ethos of being ‘seen but not heard,’ where participants go on mute and get sh*t done. Showing Up is your key to unlocking consistent creative progress and achieving your goals.


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Connect with fellow wanderers, share your work, and be inspired by the wealth of talent in our growing community.

Let’s make something out of nothing, find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and practice showing up for a creative journey where process is always celebrated over product.

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