Returning this September 2023

writing from the well

What if you invited Curiosity and Mindfulness

for a playdate in your journal?

Writing from the Well

12-Week Session  –  Fall/Winter 2023

 A series of 12 Creative Journaling Sessions on Zoom

Thursdays, 6:30 pm -7:45 pm CST

September 21 – December 7, 2023

Evoking playful wisdom
through creative journalling

Thursdays at 6:30 pm Central Time on Zoom

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A series of 12 Creative Journaling Sessions on Zoom

Thursdays, 6:30 pm -7:45 pm CST

September 21 – December 7, 2023

The blank page awaits you.  If that sounds scary, then this series of journalling workshops is exactly for you.  In a series of twelve weekly 75-minute sessions, Heidi will offer open-ended prompts to allow your voice to flow onto the page.  Through relaxing somatic techniques you’ll learn to still your inner environment, then dip into a deep sensory well of experience, drawing out wise words

As with all of Heidi’s workshops, the focus is entirely on process, not product. She believes that creative flow comes from playful places which build safe scaffolding to honour and hold deep feelings.  Sharing your writing with the group is always optional. There will be opportunity for connection, but the focus will be on connection within yourself.  There will be opportunity for fun brain-storming exchanges to inspire each other in the Zoom chat window.   All you need is a pen and a journal, and curiosity about how you’ll befriend the blank page. 

No writing experience necessary.

Soften the Inner Critic

  • Somatic Grounding exercises

  • Gentle Breathwork

  • Playful prompts to encourage fearlessness

  • Failing on purpose

  • Resourcing wisdom from within

  • Readiness for moments of discovery and feeling better than “ok”.

  • Openness to having fun, even if you don’t feel like it.


  • journal, favourite pen

  • quiet, comfy setting 

  • a yoga mat, if you’re able to be on the floor. 

strips of paper weaved together

About the experience…

I came in with ordinary and left with something extraordinary.  C.J.

Thursdays are now my favorite day of the week- I get my medicine, my great big beam of sunshine when I settle into our group for our time together. Thank you so much Heidi for helping us all through a very challenging winter!   M.D.

I came with trepidation and left with discovery.  A.T.

Each experience was an adventure….and an amazing one.  M.F.

I came to the well for a sip, and left with a bucket.  M.W.

About Heidi Hunter

Heidi Hunter is an artist and a creative flow practitioner at Until Now Block Therapy.  She has kept a personal journal for over 30 years and it is her go-to place when she feels “stuck”.  She has taught journalling, creative writing, and art journaling to high school students and adults for over 20 years. 
She works out of her Runs with Scissors Studio and is now flowing into a new part of her life as a personal coach, Block Therapy™ instructor/therapist and somatic facilitator.  
Heidi Hunter self portrait